Coffee at work

Ok, we're having a discussion here at my office in regards to the coffee machine.  I admit that I've lived in my little academic bubble here at work, and I have the financial office perspective, so I am looking for input from those of you with more experience in the real world.

Does your office provide coffee at no cost to the employees? 
What form does your office coffee maker take? (i.e. a pod machine, a vending machine, a pot that someone is responsible for making)
How important do you consider this to your workplace?
Any other issues that arise?

Our current office is removed from other easy options for coffee, in that the nearest place to get coffee is a Dunkin' Donuts about 1 mile away.  This is a dramatic change from Harvard Square where we used to be, so that does play into this debate some.

Thanks for your help!  I know its ridiculous, but I'm trying to put our bit of craziness within a bit of a framework.

Fabric Place

I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, and it seems like it is of general interest:

Fabric Place in Woburn and Framingham will be closing.  They have started liquidation sales already.  Last weekend was 20% off most things, but that doesn't meet the flurry of 25% off everything in the store sales that they've been having periodically.  Still, I think things will clear out fast.

Anyone have recommendations for any remaining fabric stores around?  I'm not happy with considering Jo-Ann's my local fabric store.

Benji and me

One of my guilty pleasures is cheesy dance movies, and the associated new forms of the dance competitions. This means that bothhungrytigerand I are big fans of the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance." We even went so far as to see the live touring show of it at the Wang Center last weekend. We did drag along the only other similarly inclined friends that we could find, and all had a great time. It was essentially a live version of the show, which was what we expected, as well as the heavily teenage and pre-teen female audience. It had more dry ice and booming bass lines than the Wang Center usually sees I suspect.
In addition to the silliness of the event itself, I also spotted the winner of the competition on the street outside of Boston Common. And was convinced that I needed to have my picture taken with him. So in my brief brush with minor stardom, is a picture of me with Benji. Just after this picture was taken a gaggle of teenage girls realized who he was as well and broke out into girlish squees, just further making the moment.
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Where was this class when I was in college?

Okay, so I did take a class in college that involved cooking a French meal and wine tastings, but...

If anyone has some spare time next spring, Mass College of Art is offering the following course next spring in its Continuing Education department.

CSB315X Truths My TV Told Me: Decontructing Buffy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an extremely "full" text, playing on ideological fault lines (the "Hellmouth," if you will) throughout its 96 hours. The series, self-consciously generic in conception and execution, allows this course to examine the histories, theories, and traditions of the musical, melodrama, comedy, silent film and horror genres. Through the "buffyverse" (a media space that includes spin-offs, comics, games, and books, but also such unofficial forms as fan fiction), students will have the opprotunity to examine how the media product in a digital/industrial society, like the mythic folktale in other cultures, serves as a site where society collectively speaks to itself, confronting basic human issues in a familiar context. By investigating issues that our culture has returned to time and again, often presenting conflicting answers to the same troubling questions, students will be able to examine the socially constructed nature of our relationship to our culture and the social world, our own bodies and ways of thinking.

Weekend summary

We took advantage of the Thursday holiday to make it into a long weekend visit to family in NY and NJ.  I'm not going to catalogue the entire trip, but I felt a need to highlight some of the events.

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Feeling better

Today I earned bonus points for myself, and also saved a lot of other people a great deal of cranky moments by actually getting to my yoga class for the first time in 10 months or so. I stopped going when I was pregnant and the walk to class became more than I could handle. I haven't been back since my work schedule is a lot tighter now and an extra long lunchtime is harder to finagle.

It was one of the best hours that I have had in months. There were muscles who were reverting to their former state who were a bit cranky about being forced into work again, but so many others were so happy! A little bit of a back bend, some blood rushing to my head, a nice inversion to re-establish my equilibrium. I now think I might make it through the day without having to seriously injure anyone.

I have got to work to get this class back into my schedule.

Hell freezes over

Okay, in no particular order here are my thoughts regarding the Red Sox winning the World Series!

1. Yeah! Hooray! Yipee!

2. As one of the kids at Michelle's daycare predicted, "Johnny Damon is going to hit a home run, and the Red Sox will win the World Serious." Out of the mouth of babes...

3. My daughter will be able to grow up in Boston without having to hear lengthy discussions about the Curse of the Bambino, will have no trepidation associated with the year 1918, will never have to hear that "No team in the history of baseball has ever won a series when they were down 0-3."

4. The MVP award is a stupid idea. I can't think of a series that better demonstrated that baseball is a team sport. There is not a player on the team who did not do his part to contribute to this victory.

5. Cambridge seems unusually subdued today. While I know that there are still crowds at Fenway, it seems eerily quiet. I'm not sure if this is because everyone is sleeping in, recovering from a hangover, or still stunned into silence. Last year there were Cowboy Up signs everywhere the whole time. I think that last year's defeat was a final straw for many people, and this victory is too unreal to believe. I'm not sure if some of the cheer is just a sense of relief that the obligation to win has been lifted.

6. I do have a general sense today that if the Red Sox can win the World Series, then anything can happen. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...

7. Despite all of my usual feelings about crowds, I think we'll be heading into town for the victory parade on Saturday. Maybe stupid, but I just have to see this one.
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I never do these

Okay, I never do these games, but this one has tickled my fancy:

Things I have that no one else who reads my LJ does:

Manifold Destiny: The One, The Only Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine!

Do I really need to say more?

Aztec-Two Step's "Highway Signs: The 25th Anniversary Concert."
A favorite group of mine from back in high school. This album has their best things, although I'm glad the "schtick" parts are separate tracks which I can program to not play most of the time.

This one seems like the hardest to find something that at least someone doesn't own.
Let's hope that my love of bad teen musicals is not shared by many and assume no one else has "Center Stage." Its admittedly on video, not DVD, but it is a purchase pre-recorded copy. I don't recommend it unless you really like lots of silly dance numbers.

Place I've Been:
How about Berkhamsted Castle in Hertfordshire, England. Its an 11th century motte and bailey castle, once inhabited by Thomas Becket. It is now mostly field and ruins but was part of a very pleasant visit with some of C's relatives.

New accomplishments

One of the things I love most about Michelle's new day care is the convenience to my office.

I decided today that despite the rain (or maybe because of it) a visit to Michelle would be the way to spend my lunch hour.

She was largely non-plussed by my presence, since she was mostly intent on chewing on anything she could get her hands on. That did include my hand, and I swear that there are several teeth that should be emerging any minute now. (Yes, I have been saying that for weeks, but keep in mind that I have no experience in how long these things actually take. I really mean it this time, though.)

After a while, she decided to hunt for something new to chew on. A carpeted box looked appealing to her, so she squirmed/crawled/rolled her way over. (Michelle has started doing some creative version of crawling in the last week or so. Its not the classic form of crawling, but it does get her around.) Hmm...the top of that looks like the best place to chew. As I stared, she put her hands on the top, and pulled herself to her knees. Wow! But wait, she's still going. She manages to pull herself to something between kneeling and standing, with feet flat on the ground, before tumbling over.
It was just amazing to watch. And the fact that she fell and cried over her failure (or maybe just the unexpected arrival of the ground) gave me an excuse for lots of proud Mommy hugs and kisses.

Needless to say, its was hard coming back to my desk.

My next thought, after being the proud parent watching her baby try to stand up... She's almost mobile, and she's ready to climb.

We are in such trouble.